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Norwich based TBA Artist Collective takes place in one of the city’s many churches that have been turned over for use as a community space, not necessarily concerned with religion. While Norwich holds claim as the UK city with the highest number of medieval churches, and despite its modest size boasts two cathedrals, The Fine City is also known for having the largest demographic of atheists in the country. While this claim certainly doesn’t represent Norwich residents, past or present, in their entirety, there is a reputation dating back to Kett’s Rebellion, for large sections of the city being populated by revolutionaries, shitkickers, heathens and witches. Far be it for us to exclude formal organised religions from these categories of dissent; as many a funky vicar will tell you; Jesus was the original rebel.

The core TBA Artists have curated the exhibition from submissions from artists who have made work responding to theme of ‘CHURCH’. The pieces and performances will be based on the artists; own relationship with worship and faith, ritual or ideology, or the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the cosmos and our position within it. The curation has covered a diverse spectrum of voices seeks to acknowledge the similarities around expressions of faith, wonder, and purpose, rather than differentials that alienate or isolate.

Text by Erica Horton

Archive Gallery Coming Soon

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